The 10 things I cannot fly without

I always thought I was a travel lover, until I got into my current job. Since then, I travel abroad on average once a week... So I have learned to distinguish between travelling for fun, which I still adore, and travelling for work, which gives me some respite from the office routine but can be very tiring and stressful.

With the accumulation of miles in my BA club card and little dehydration lines around my face, I have developed a number of habits to make flying as comfortable and pleasant as possible. This includes a list of items that are permanent fixtures in my carry-on.

Besides the obvious passport and ticket, here is a list of the 10 things I cannot fly without:
1. Silk eye mask
Perfect to try and clock in some zzz..., especially in long-haul flights
2. Herm├Ęs cashmere and silk shawl
I am always cold in planes and this beats the airline blankets any day
3. Ipod
I need my own tunes to relax, and it always helps to tune out passengers who feel the need to share their conversations with the whole plane
4. A good book
Reading is a wonderful way to while hours away. I try to take one serious book and one fun book with me if the flight is longer than 4 hours, a girl needs choice
5. Nintendo DS
Just another way to make time pass quicker, I currently love 'More Brain Training', and I am a diehard 'Mario Bros' afficionada
6. Lip balm
With the restrictions on liquids on board one has to think tiny, so I recently switched from Kiehls No1 Balm to Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm
7. A bottle of water
Thanks to airport regulations, I now have to buy the inadequately shaped water bottles from the newsagents after security, at extortionate prices, all in an attempt to avoid dehydration. You see, even in business class, the airlines dispense water like it was some sort of scarce commodity: so passengers get a little glass whilst each crew member gets a bottle (makes complete sense doesn't it)
8. Small Mason Pearson brush
No need to go through a WAG make-over before landing, but I find that brushing my hair helps to attenuate the "just jumped out of bed" look
9. Advil gelcaps
I get horrible headaches from flights, and source these little miracle-workers from the US. They don't make me drowsy, which is wonderful
10. Sunglasses
You know that droopy greyish look one gets under the harsh airport lights when coming out of a long flight, there is no avoiding it (except perhaps if you have an hour to spare at the arrivals lounge spa), so I try to hide it behind large sunshades, works everytime!!

The longer the flight I'm contemplating, the more accessories I add to this list of basics (Vogue editions in different languages, DVD player, Creme de La Mer moisturiser,...), but usually these 10 items can get me by most flights with virtually no stress!

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Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous capsule travel kit!! I especially agree with the mason pearson brush, every woman should own one. There's nothing like brushing your hair with the boar hair bristles stimulating your scalp, it kinda wakes you up lol!!