Christmas shopping for... The Stylish Book Worm

I absolutely love reading books, from novels to essays, and I am very partial to historical accounts of real events. However I also have a special place in my heart for books about fashion and style, and I know a lot of fashionistas out there have their heartbeats racing when they see a beautiful book about Chanel or Schiaparelli on a coffee table.

What you want to get your Stylish Book Worm is a book with enough content that she will be able to read through Boxing day yet with loads of beautiful drawings or pictures to satisfy her visual imagination.

Here are my top picks. You can find everything at a good bookstore or on http://www.amazon.co.uk/.

1. Le Carré Hermès by Nadine Coleno (approx. £39.00)
This is actually part of the gifts I'm buying this year, I hope the recipient likes it. What is fantastic about this book is that it is first comprehensive opus about Hermès silk carrés, from the first ones in 1937 up to this year's collection. It is not just a catalogue of the different designs, it is a fantastic ode to Hermès silk, including different layouts and spreads and clear sheets to reflect the colouring process of an Hermès carré. I am sure that if you know a true Hermès fan she will love this!

2. The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia, illustrations by Ruben Toledo (approx. £6.13)
I bought this book at Miami airport and loved reading it on my red-eye back to London. You can like Nina Garcia or not, the bottom line is she knows her trends and has a very strong sense of style. This small book provides a wonderful framework to guide women to finding their own unique style. Some chapters are more useful than others, but overall this is a very good book to page through. I particularly recommend it for the younger fashionistas out there, as it is perfect for those of us who are still finding their unique style.

3. Yves Saint Laurent Style by Hamish Bowles (approx. £12.48)
Say what you want, but to me YSL was the inventor of modern fashion and style. His designs are timeless yet ultra contemporary, even the vintage ones! I own a vintage YSL dress from the 1970s that my mother passed on to me and everytime I wear it I feel like a million dollars. Admittedly, the cover is a little blan, but open the book and you'll discover gorgeous sketches in the hand of the master himself, fantastic pictures of actual pieces. I have this book and can't recommend it enough!

4. In "Vogue": The Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine by Alberto Oliva and Norberto Angeletti (approx. £28.75)
This massive book focuses on the history of US Vogue, from its creation in1892 to recent days, taking us through the work of talented photographers, gifted editors and fantastic art directors. If your Book Worm is fascinated by the editorial photographs in her monthly edition of Vogue, she will love this book, and if she has an interest in the magazine business and editing she will love you for getting this for her!

5. Influence by MK&A Olsen (approx. £13.97)
I am not a follower of the diminutive twins but when a friend of mine but this book in her Christmas wishlist last year I took an interest and decided to buy a copy for myself. This is filled with amazing interviews of influential people such as Diane Von Furstenberg or Karl Lagerfeld... I love the pictures and design of the book as well.

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