Christmas shopping for... The Ultimate Party Girl

Mademoiselle Party Girl is always up for a good night out, and for her I have picked items to enhance this night bird's lifestyle and make it even more fabulous. Here are my top 5 this year.

1. The Perfect Dress: Because everyone needs a wonderful dress to dance in until dawn, I'd pick something from the Alice & Olivia collection. This brand is all about knock-out pieces which manage to remain young and fresh and not cross into tarty territory. This particular one, with its all-over sequins embellishment, is so now, and yet the forest green colour takes it away from the sea of black sequins we are bound to be drowned into at NYE parties. The keyhole opening in the back is an added little something to make it perfect!
Find it on http://www.thehipchick.com/ for $495

2. The Get Ready CD: I think that Brazilian music is amongst the best sounds to listen to whilst getting ready for a party, and amongst Brazilian artists Ivete Sangalo is the one who's sound always makes me cheerful and party-ready. Get one of her Live albums and soak up the energy that radiates from the Brazilian crowds in the Maracana for example.
Try this one: Ivete Sangalo ao Vivo on http://www.amazon.co.uk/ for £21.99

3. The Evening Clutch: Large handbags are totally unpractical when going out and any party princess with some credentials will want to have in her closet a small number of clutches in different colours to mix and match with her party outfits. Wilbur & Gussie is a small UK brand which makes a fantastic envelope shaped satin clutch called the Charlie. Each model comes with a special fastening brooch.
Find one on http://www.wilburandgussie.com/, at £135

4. The Star Necklace: Every party animal fancies herself as the star of the night, and this Ginette Star Necklace in 14k gold at Austique on the Kings Road or online should show that you know that about your party girl. I love the small but very distinctive charm, it is the ideal size to be worn day in day out. If you are a Londoner make sure to check out Austique, it is the ultimate girlie boutique, I can spend hours there. The lure for hubby dearest is to have lunch at next door's Big Easy, an American restaurant serving traditional US staples in a non formal setting, perfect for lazy sundays. It's always easy to sneak into Austique after!!!
Check out the necklace on http://www.austique.co.uk/ at £145

5. The Ultimate Detox Mask: Crazy partying takes its toll even on the best of us, and when my skin starts to look more Adams family, less Babe (as in the little piglet), I turn to this little piece of wonder: Dr Bragi Intensive Treatment Mask. Individually packed, this is a spa-inspired fabric mask infused with marine enzymes which brings back moisture, plumps your skin back up basically gives your whole face a little boost of dewiness. It also works wonders after a longhaul flight if your party princess moonlights as a jetsetter (usually they do!)
Get it from Bliss on Sloane Avenue or http://www.blisslondon.co.uk/ for £10 a piece

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