I love Dori

When it comes to jewellery I have a soft spot for special, unique pieces. This is why, one day, as I was strolling down one of the small streets in old Saint-Tropez during a week-end away, this one window caught my eye. It was filled with intricate beautiful pieces mixing embroidery and pearls. That was the day I fell in love with Dori Csengeri's designs. That first day, I bought a pair of small earrings, and a few years down I still get rave reviews whenever I wear them. My collection has expanded somewhat since...

A textile designer by profession, Dori has a truly personal style which transforms all her pieces into magical embellishments that will take any outfit to a whole other dimension. Her creations use an ancient technique of needlework assembly of silky cotton, mixed with fine stones, crystals, beads, shells... All the jewels are hand sewn in Dori Csengeri's ateliers in Israel, and each piece is lined with beautiful soft leather.
Initially I was happy to find Dori's designs at Harrods, but for some reason the collection has been discontinued there to be replaced with tacky machine-made plastic monstrosities which you can find at Tesco for a fraction of the price... So now I have to rely on the website, which I have to say is quite good. I think http://www.doricsengeri.com/ is relatively recent but this is where I you can see most of the collection pieces and see the different styles. The little drawings that show how each piece fits on the body and face are particularly clever.

The other fantastic thing about this brand is that you can also have bespoke pieces made. This is what I did last summer when I needed something special to go to a wedding. I got in touch with Sharon, who is in charge of all personal shopping at Dori Csengeri and we started exchanging notes about what I needed, she sent me some preliminary design ideas and photos and after a few weeks I got a beautiful bespoke cuff, about 9cm wide. It was not cheap, but then no handmade bespoke luxury ever is, but I get a great deal of wear out of it. It is so versatile, and looks fantastic with a little grey dress or over a black cashmere sleeve!

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