My jeans crush

I have a confession to make: I know this will come as a big surprise (allow me to be a bit delusional!) to a lot of you who kindly read my musings here but I am not built like a svelte Swede, despite all my workout endeavours and salmon eating,... no, I am a true mediterranean creation, quite petite but with curves all over. During years I've drooled over the beauties portrayed in Vogue and ELLE and lamented over how I could never look like them. Not anymore though...

It is only recently that I have learned to live in peace (if not in bliss) with my shape, and I believe it coincided with my finding, finally, a brand of jeans that fits me and actually makes me look good. In my eyes nothing tops a pair of J Brand jeans for petite curvies like me.

The little story about how I first came across this brand of perfect jeans should resonate with my non-waif readers... I absolutely love the skinny jeans look, I think it can look classic and edgy depending on how you take the rest of the outfit. Yet, I could never find a pair of skinny jeans which didn't feel too tight on my legs and which didn't make me look like an overgrown unhappy carrot. So one day I went into Donna Ida, the cool jeans boutique near Brompton Cross in South Kensington, and asked for help.

They introduced me to the Cigarette by J Brand: they have a 14'' leg opening at the ankle (compared with most skinny jeans which have a 10'' opening and give you free calves compression unless you've got sticks for legs), and are made of a denim combining 72% of cotton with 28% stretchy material, which makes the jeans stretchy enough to be comfortable but not to the point of being mummy-jeans. They have both mid-rise and low-rise options, in a range of washes but also in corduroy. I have a dark wash, a white one, and a couple of cords from this season (black and plum).

Another cut I can't stop raving about is the Love Story (I kid you not that is the real name of these babies). It became really big about 18 months ago with the whole return of the BoHo vibe but even now that the buzz has come down a bit I still love them (maybe that's where the name comes from) and they still look like them make my legs much much longer than the 3 inches they actually measure.
These two cuts have revolutionised my relationship with denim and made me actually look forward to the week-ends, as opposed to dreading being squeezed in ill-fitting waist-gapping hard jeans. They also have wonderful cuts for tall and long girls (check out the Bardot!) and a special Scarlett range for more rounded characters; honestly I don't know why there continues to be new brands of jeans emerging after this, there is no need anymore!
One last note, buying these in the US is still the best option for us Europeans as there seems to be a wildly accepted mark-up in prices in all UK and continental shops selling American-made jeans (if someone knows the reason for a $158 price to translate into £180 please let me know), but if you must buy yours in London go to Donna Ida, at least there you have a real choice of cuts and washes, and the sales people are genuinely helpful: they know their skinny cuts from their cigarettes, will give you almost impartial advice about what fits you best, and overall will give you a much better service than the hapless sales assistants at Harvey Nichols or Selfridges.
Donna Ida
106 Draycott Avenue
0 207 225 3816
Westfield London, the Village
0 208 743 6111

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