Other places I love in Paris

So, on to Passy. Why Passy? First because this is where two of my favourite saturday lunch spots are, but also because it is a wonderful spot for shopping, not really on the typical visitors itinerary, but it is very big with locals.

My first call for food here is Thé Cool. This place is hidden away in one of the back streets of Passy, but it is really special. Food here is all fresh and natural and the menu options are very healthy yet totally yummy. I have a sweet spot for the giant salads, especially the Nordic one, and the vegetable gratins. However everyone comes here for one very special reason; it is called the Starlette, and it is a 0% fat, 0 sugar fromage blanc fridge cake. It usually comes "nature" (ie without added ingredients) but in the summer they also offer a strawberry version. Both are out of this world, and given this is perhaps the best healthy dessert I've ever eaten, I usually finish the massive portion they serve without even thinking about it. For lunch try getting here relatively early as the little space gets crowded really quickly. This place is also a good option for tea.
Thé Cool
10 rue Jean Bologne
Paris 16
01 42 24 69 13

Another one of my favourites in this area is Matsuri, which serves up fresh sushi on a conveyor belt. The food here is both delicious and diverse, and compared with some of the conveyor belt sushi places I've been to in London this is not a gimmicky restaurant serving passable sushi, it is a proper japanese restaurant where proper sushi masters prepare the food and happen to place it on a belt. My favourite here is the prawn tempura rolls with curry mayo, delicious!
Matsuri Passy
2-4 rue de Passy
Paris 16

01 42 24 96 85

After lunch it's time for some more shopping, both the real kind and the window kind. Since I'm so close I pop into L'Occaserie, a shop which sells pre-owned luxury goods, from clothes to accessories. They have a fantastic stock, especially if you like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès. My mother once found a great mink coat here which we bought for a fraction of the price it would have cost new.
14 rue Jean-Bologne
Paris 16
01 45 27 32 40

On rue de Passy you'll find a huge number of tempting shops, the highlights for me being: Sephora (why is there no Sephora in the UK?!), Tara Jarmon (for the perfect evening dress), Ba&sh (Parisian boho chic), Et Vous (grown-up edgy), Anne Fontaine (the one stop shop for shirts)...

Whilst you're here do visit Frank & Fils, it is a very 16e arrondissement mini department store; it is a little bit quaint but really worth the detour as you can find real treasures, especially in the accessories department on the ground floor, and it includes a corner for Max Chaoul wedding dresses, as well as full-size Chanel and Dior boutiques.

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