Perfectly groomed eyebrows in a heartbeat

Let's take a little break from our intensive Christmas shopping and talk about an essential part of grooming: eyebrow maintenance!

Fashion and make-up trends change regularly about how thick eyebrows should be, from really thin and arched in the early noughties to a stronger brow these last couple of seasons, but in my mind the most important thing when it comes to eyebrows is that they are perfectly groomed.

Here's why: groomed eyebrows give your whole eye a lift and make you look awake and fresh. When you consider the alternatives to achieve similar results (botox injection, eyelid lift, ...), I believe that a little pain over a few hairs is a fair price to pay! I simply cannot understand how some women, in this day and age, still walk around with unruly overgrown eyebrows, this doesn't make sense when there are so many techniques available out there.

What's my favourite option to get my eyebrows shaped? Threading. Aka a very old Indian technique which uses cotton thread to twist around the hairs and remove them from their root. This actually means less pain than waxing or tweezing, but also less skin irritation given that you don't pull your skin around. Also, it is much more precise than waxing and much quicker than tweezing. In 10 minutes you get perfect eyebrows and the slight redness you get (if any) subsides in half an hour leaving you ready and fabulous for your next social rendez-vous.

Though there is an increasing number of places in London claiming to offer threading services, I have been going to Blink for the past 3 years, every couple of weeks or so. Blink is a chain of brow bars staffed with adorable yet very professional brow specialists. The eyebrow threading session includes some tidying with mini scissors as well, a plus I cannot recommend enough, especially if like me you have eyebrows who think of themselves as ivy! After 10 minutes and £17 I come out of their chairs with the perfect eyebrows. My special thing is that I ask them to skip the soothing cream at the end and replace it with rose water, as the cream over freshly opened pores can create pimples. They also offer other services such as lash tinting (perfect pre-holidays) and lash extensions (careful with the spider-leg look, ask them to use the small or medium size lashes instead of the long ones to avoid it.)

I normally go to Blink at Harvey Nichols in Knighstbridge, but there are many other locations including outside of London. All locations offer a walk-in service, though to be on the safe side I recommend booking.

Check out their website for details: http://blinkbrowbar.com/


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, it surprises me to see how the threading technique has really taken off in the past few years. As someone from Middle Eastern origin who has had her eyebrows threaded for years, I can safely say that Blink is a complete ripoff. I pay £3-£5 to get mine done from an authentic Indian beauty therapist and yes there are many around with fantastic results!

Little S said...

Dear Anonymous, I am glad to hear there are £3 to £5 places available elsewhere. If you care to share your addresses that would be very helpful!
Unfortunately near where I live I find that a lot of the grooming is indeed quite expensive. I did speak about this in an earlier post.