Dressing for Christmas eve

Tomorrow is Christmas eve and hubby dearest and I are spending the evening with his family. We alternate the years between our two families, and though mine is usually a very intimate affair, with my in-laws we're always counting 20-plus people around the table and I get a little self-conscious.

And, just like every time when I'm feeling somewhat uncomfortable, I'm turning to fashion and self-styling to make it a bit easier. So what did I plan for Christmas eve? A small uniform any fashionable elf would be proud of, I think.

I first had the idea for my outfit when browsing NaP, where I found this beautiful asymmetric red, black and grey tartan skirt by Vivienne Westwood Red Label. I liked the idea of wearing red for Christmas, but decided to give the whole theme a little twist by channelling my inner rock chick. I think Tartan can be very edgy and modern if mixed with the right pieces. Find it on http://www.netaporter.com/ for £215.

I will be teaming this up with my new Zadig & Voltaire Luxe black blazer with black strass wings embroidered on the back. This is the holiday season after all so I am indulging in a little bit of sparkle! Its classic cut gives it a timeless quality, and I think I'll be wearing this a lot in seasons to come, which is a relief given the €400-odd it cost at the Paris shop. Check out http://www.zadigetvoltaire.com/.

I will then complete my outfit with two really neat high-street finds. First, a really simple black tee, but not so plain-vanilla: this one is made of really soft cotton (the one with the vintage feel) and with a really easy on the eye dipped scoop neck, which I found at All Saints. Their website is really good, and I'm adding this one to my list of shopping websites: http://www.allsaints.com/.

Now to shoes... I usually prefer to go designer for shoes, and I can't walk past a Louboutin display without stopping to try on and take a pair home, but for this outfit I wanted red shoe-boots and I couldn't see myself wearing these enough after this occasion to make a good enough cost-per-wear out of a pair of Loubies. So instead I turned to another great staple of the British High Street: Dorothy Perkins. Believe me, if you are only going to wear something a couple of times, it is better to go high street, and these look absolutely amazing, even some of my harshest fashionista friends thought they were actually designer. I bought them on http://www.dorothyperkins.com/ for £40 (they were on sale, added bonus!)

All there is left to do now is accessorise, and I think I will keep that to a minimum, wearing just a Collier de Chien bracelet, in addition to my usuals: Rolex steel watch, Cartier gold love bracelet (hubby dearest gift for our wedding) a couple of charm threads, and my wedding and engagement rings. Not only is the Collier de Chien a classic yet modern staple of french design, my friends at TPF and I believe that it brings the wearer a special luck...

And that's my outfit for tomorrow night done!!!

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