Rainy day? Time to head to the Nuxe spa

We have been in the Alps for ten days now and so far we have been lucky with the weather. But this didn't last: this morning, we woke up to pouring rain, and unlike hubby dearest I simply can't face skiing in soup. So, what's a girl to do when it rains in Courchevel? Very easy: head for one of the multiple spas available in the hotels around.

This being the ski resort with the highest concentration of fashionistas to the square metre, I knew that usually we all head to the spa when the weather fails us, so I had to act fast to secure an appointment! I quickly called the new Nuxe spa at Hotel Le Strato: it only opened to customers last week but I knew other spas under the same brand and was really looking forward to trying it out. I booked myself in for a plumping facial and I now know that I will be coming back!!! I totally loved it!

First, the spa in itself: unlike some of the other hotels in Courchevel, here the spa didn't come as an afterthought and the whole space was created with comfort and relaxation in mind. It felt very spacious and the furniture is modern yet warm and welcoming. A lot of slate, wood, soft fabrics, and a flurry of vintage pictures. I was having a really nice time in the waiting area and almost regretted that my therapist quickly came over to whisk me into my treatment room. Here again, I was pleasantly surprised with the space available (in the other spas I've been to in Courchevel, the treatment rooms are teeny-tiny, this made me think of the spa rooms in Thailand).

My session starts with a foot massage and a shoulder rub, which transport me further away from the dreadful weather outside. I'm ready for the first step of the facial: the make-up removal, followed by a blast of steam to prepare my skin for extractions and scrubbing. This is what I love about French beauty treatments: it doesn't matter what type of facial you booked, the therapist always gives you the classic steaming and extraction duo, in my view a must for clearer-looking skin. My therapist has a soft yet firm touch: I can already feel my skin waking up under her fingers.

Overall all the products used in Nuxe treatments smell divine, with floral or honey scents, and it feels like I'm lying in a garden in the middle of summer. But, there is one exception: the scrub, which smells really funny, and for me the therapist couldn't scrub it off quickly enough. Still I think I can live with a product which smells that bad, when it leaves my skin so smooth.

Next step: serums. First my therapist uses a large roll-on serum to fill my smile wrinkles (I'm happy to report that these are my only ones, for now...), before applying a smoothing serum all over my face. This is then massaged into my face with a couple of small yet powerful japanese rollers with tiny pins which help drive the product deep into the skin. My skin is then left to rest for a few moments under gauze which has been dipped into floral water, whilst my arms get a little massage.

Finally a really rich cream is produced, to be massaged during a really long time, until fully absorbed. I love that, unlike last night when my moisturiser almost disappeared into my skin, this time my face feels so plumped up that there is still a little film of moisture when we move on to the last step. It is a quick re-awakening back massage, which sends me off in a truly re-energised state.

I make my way back into my beloved waiting area, where a peppermint tea is waiting for me. From beginning to end, everything here was wonderful, and though I hope that the weather will improve from tomorrow I am looking forward to coming back.

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AllaboutNice said...

Sounds like bliss

(it's horrid when it rains in a ski resort - I feel your pain)