The highlight of my day, brought to me by Chanel

Make-up wise, I'm a very loyal fan of Bare Minerals, the only make-up I have ever used that doesn't fade after three hours under the glare of the computer screens, and that actually gives me a rested look (well more or less, depending on how many hours I spend in planes in any given week). I particularly recommend it to people who have found that powders are too drying as this seems to almost hydrate my skin! No cakey-looking masks here.

However, earlier this month, after months of browsing their range, I decided I had to go astray. I had been looking for the perfect cheekbone and brow-bone highlighter, one which would bring light to my face, not teenage-party worthy shimmer. I spent numerous hours going around in circles on the ground floor at Harvey Nicks and Harrods, only to give up just before Christmas.

And suddenly, with the new season products coming out, it was like the Chanel gods had heard my laments, and launched the highlighting powder of my dreams! Introducing my new favourite make-up item: Empreinte de Chanel, a "glow highlighting powder" with beige and gold tones, perfect to bring out features. The gold tones are not too shimmery and the overall result is that of light-catching zones. Perfect for everyday use!

Find it at Chanel make-up counters everywhere. It's a limited product for this season so act quick...

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mary said...

I'm a deep Chanel lover, I mostly use their makeup and only use their facial treatments.
the new SS make up line is dreamy! You'll love it