It's grey out there, but my Hermès rainbow keeps me happy

It's been grey and miserable ever since I've come back to London, and with no prospects of the weather improving anytime soon I'm using anything I can to cheer me up in these wintry days. Thanks to my friends on TPF, I've discovered a very unique way to bring sunshine into my life even in the darkest days of British winter: my Hermès rainbow.

Unlike other luxury houses which offer little beyond the traditional browns and blacks, Hermès offers a truly exceptional range of colours in leather goods all-year round, from the smallest coin purses to the large travel bags, and every year there are new colours added.

I started collecting my small leather goods rainbow in fall 2008, and I still love staring at it, with its incredibly bright colours. As I don't like wearing bright colours except during the summer, this is the perfect way for me to have colours around, as these little babies are tucked in my handbag and come out to play on my office desk during the day.

Here is my current rainbow, from top left:
Azap long wallet in Curry chèvre mysore
Ulysse mini notebook in Lagon veau kenya (the one for dreams)
Ulysse small notebook in Rose Shocking veau togo (the one for my personal notes)
Ulysse medium notebook in Chartreuse veau togo (the one I take my work notes on)
Carmen key ring in Violet agneau
Le 24 coin purse in Lagon veau togo
Playing card case in Orange veau togo (used as a Blackberry case)
Azap address book in Lagon chèvre mysore
Be-Bop pouch in Orange agneau
and my beloved but non Hermès-made Ipod in dark purple!

I am hoping to add a couple items in the coming weeks, maybe a Karo in the new Bougainvillier colour? We'll see if I'm still hooked after a few days thinking (see, following my shopping resolution rules!).

Check out the small leather goods on http://www.hermes.com/ to build your own rainbow.


Butterfly said...

Love your H rainbow. Have yet to start mine though. Are you using the be-bop as a cosmetics case? which size is it? the medium? especially love your rose shocking ulysse notebook - do you know if this color is still in the shops? BR

Little S said...

Hi! My Be-Bop is the second smallest size (it's called Mini Case on their website), and I use it to carry a few geeky items such as my 3G plug, a couple of cables and my Ipod. I think it could fit a small make-up kit (mascara, lipstick, a couple brushes and small shadow cases).
As to the colour Rose Shocking is sometimes tough to come by but it is a classic colour so they still make it. This season you'll find the new Bougainvillier (a popping pink) colour very easily as well.