New Year resolution 2 - Transforming from impulsive to savvy shopper

In all honesty it would be fair to say that pre-crisis, I used to be more of an impulsive buyer, as I would make most shopping decisions within minutes. I've thought about that a lot and I have to say this is maybe the main reason why some mistakes have ended up finding their way into my wardrobe... There is no other explanation to my owning an incredible number of beach caftans (when I only spend a maximum of 3 weeks at the beach) or why I ended up buying a Blue Brighton alligator collier de chien from Hermès (knowing that I wear blue tones about twice a year).

A few months ago I've started being a little more careful about this, for two main reasons: first, with the volatile environment impulse didn't really seem like the best sense to follow, and second, I am fed up of seeing things I don't use clog up vital space in my closet. So, this is my second resolution for this year: to continue on my search to the ultimate shopping savviness.

To help me stick to this new resolution, I've put together a list of ten rules I'm determined to follow:
1) Follow the trends but buy what fits and flatters me
2) Give all purchases above £300 at least a couple of days thought
3) Have an idea of what I want to buy before I embark in a shopping expedition
4) Continue to grow my collection of timeless items (Hermès bags, Loubie shoes, DVF dresses...)
5) Give flash trends a miss (fur-trimmed bags never appealed to me anyways)
6) Stop buying repeat items (I don't need more than one pair of black cigarette trousers)
7) Shop where items are cheapest (eg. the US for jeans, the Outnet for evening dresses...)
8) Always listen to hubby dearest when he says "You'll never wear it"
9) Make an effort to attend private sales more often and take advantage of price reductions
10) Stop associating shopping with an anti-depressant

Let's see if I manage not to buy a single impulse item this year!


Butterfly said...

Love, love, love your blog. Especially your new year's resolutions regarding shopping. Can I ask you where in London you can buy DVF dresses? As I'm only in London a couple of times a year and as there is no opportunity to buy those in my home country, I'm planning on buying these lovely dresses in London. A couple of years ago, Hobb's had some great wrap dresses as well but lately they didn't do this style anymore. Many thanks and have a nice weekend!

Little S said...

Hi Butterfly! Thanks so much for your comments, they are really encouraging. There are quite a few places to find DVF in London. That I know of, there are:
DVF boutique Bruton Street W1
DVF boutique Ledbury Road W11
DVF corner at Harvey Nichols
DVF corner at Harrods
You can also find DVF at Matches

Butterfly said...

Hi Little S. Lovely, thanks for getting back to me. Will stop by when I'm in London next time. Hope to loose some weight and cms until then, though :-)

happy weekend!

Black Is The New Black said...

I love your blog! These are all great ideas. A couple years ago I compiled a list of the 20 items I needed as a basic wardrobe and set out to collect them, focusing on quality instead of quantity. I have never been happier or better dressed :)

My list is at: