New Year resolution 3 - Enjoying life, one day at a time

One thing I'm not really known for is my ability to sit back and enjoy life. In the words of hubby dearest, I'm a little stress-ball at the best of times, and as I'm getting close to the big 3-0 I think it is time I learn to relax a bit and really enjoy life.

First, I need to re-assess whom I spend time with. Not a mean feat, if you consider that in the last five years I've spent a good 10-15 hours per day of quality time with my work PC! It has become my most trustful friend, but frankly it isn't very helpful in times of stress and nor does it come up with advice when I need some.... Going forward, I'm prioritising spending time around people, especially my loved ones, not computers.

Second, I want to discover new things, places, people. That means find more time in my life for new experiences, travel, and generally enriching opportunities as opposed to stressful situations. So for 2010 I'm hoping to travel more, if only for a short week-end, to visit new places and do different things. I'd love to make it to Japan this spring, and see the blossoming cherry trees.

Finally, I have decided that some situations are just not worth getting wound up about. Actually, let me rephrase, some situations but most importantly some people are not worth getting wound up about. Because, let's be honest, most of the times stressful situations are created by people whom one should just avoid. Call me stupid, but I only had this epiphany last summer (I know, I am slow!), and since then I've applied a new rule: if someone is only bringing me stress and unhappiness, I'll avoid being around them. Easy in some cases, not all the time though...

So, in summary, my third resolution is about re-balancing my life, especially emotionally, and actually start having fun before it is too late. Who knows, maybe this re-assessment of my priorities will bring about very big changes? Only time will say.

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