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I hate shopping in the sales: to me, sales shopping means dishevelled-looking shops, exhausted and harassed sales assistants, and goods which nobody found good enough to buy in the first place.

My friends find this to be an attitude worthy of an imbecile, especially when I am perfectly able to recognise the financial benefits of sales shopping but immediately explain that the whole exercise is simply too daunting for me. I also get very confused by how big department stores in London such as Harvey Nicks and Harrods group items across brands and types on massive over-stuffed racks, I don't know how to shop like that. I guess it boils down to the fact that to me, shopping for clothes and accessories isn't simply about the purchase, it is also about the experience and that giddy feeling I get when I'm buying something new.

So, in the name of science (of course!) I decided to shop during sales this season, to discover if there are some sales experiences which are better than others. And the truth is, there are!

Sales shopping online is fantastically soothing, as the experience is the same as normal online shopping, with the added benefit of the price reduction. There are also a handful of brands which don't transform their shop floors into middle-eastern souks during sales. Joseph for example is one of these. Finally, another way of shopping the sales that worked for me is to hit the small boutiques, such as Austique, Aimé etc... They are not on the random shopper's radar and so are not completely crowded over the sales.

I have managed to accumulate quite a little haul as a result of this experience. The conclusion is that by choosing carefully how you sales shop, you can have a good time and save a lot of money: I saved over £1,000 during this scientific experience! I can't wait to spend this little extra cash on goodies from the new season, watch this space....
My sales shopping:
1. Anna Sui Silk printed dress (I heart small whimsical prints!), £384 instead of £600 on NaP
2. Isabelle Marant blue-grey suede boots from Aimé in Notting Hill, £225 instead of £550
3. Joseph grey wool fitted dress, perfect for work, £130 instead of £260
4. Maje silk harem pants (I have them in taupe and wear them all summer long!), £101 down from £195 on NaP
5. Albertus Swampoel rabbit hair fedora, £105 instead of £375 on NaP

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MARLENE said...

I must check out Aime someday. I read that it's one of the very few rare stores that carry Repetto flats (my favorite!).