What a little Minx!

Saturday I went into Hari's in South Kensington for my monthly hair appointment. I had booked in for my usual colour, cut and blow-dry. I love coming to Hari's because the service is always attentive, especially from the senior stylists and colourists, and because I always manage to get what I ask for. In my previous salon the hairdresser always had the "I know best" attitude...

As always, I got a fantastic colour from Lynette, who increased the lighter shades of my dip-dye colour. She first darkened my whole head, then dip-dyed some of the ends to create a lightening colour from the mid-section to the ends, so it looks like I've been in the sun and the lighter strands have sort of grown out. I then moved to the top floor for my haircut with Amy, as my layered cut needed some freshening. Here again Amy and I quickly agreed on what needed to be done and she efficiently proceeded to cut my hair.

By that time I was getting somewhat restless, having been at Hari's for 2.5 hours already. I remembered hearing about the Minx manucure, and asked to get one to try it. Basically these are little strips of adhesive foil which is heated and applied and shaped on the nails, and which needs no drying time. It comes in a number of fantastic colours and patterns.

The nail technician applied the silver foils on my nails. It looked bold yet neutral-ish (check the pic!), especially as I was wearing shades of grey that day. I walked around Brompton Cross and stopped at a couple of shops to browse, only to get the most raving reviews on my nails! The sales assistants at Coco de Mer on Draycott Avenue even squealed with delight when I said that this cost just £35!!!

Now of course this isn't necessarily very appropriate for an office environment so I'm going to take the little foils out tonight ahead of all the meetings I have coming up this week, but it's definitely a lot of fun and attracts a lot of attention!

305 Brompton Road SW3
0207 581 5211

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