My "Give waistcoats a chance" campaign

Ok, let's face it: for most fashionistas out there, the word waistcoat conjures images of 19th century suitors, 1970s hippies, or white-collar over-worked office ants. Well, I'd like you to reconsider...

A few months ago I was browsing in the Donna Ida shop in Westfield, and a gorgeous piece of olive green embroidery caught my eye: it was a waistcoat by boho brand Pyrus London. I tried it on and a miracle happened, my waist appeared immediately longer and smaller (a fantastic achievement that no personal trainer or diets had ever achieved!... and at least the waistcoat didn't yell at me or leave me starving). I wore it most of fall over flimsy blouses for a cute boho week-end look.
You can still find it at Pyrus London, on sale for £81!

I think the secret of this little garment is that, unlike classic waistcoats that our grandfathers wore, this has a very feminine cut: it sits just above one's natural waist and it hugs the body really close. Plus it isn't meant to be closed, in fact there are no buttons, and it basically just sits open. The key is to match your waistcoat with a contrast coloured top, to accentuate the waist. Add a few necklaces of different lengths and you're rocking the boho vibe.

This season I'm going to turn to Day by Birger et Mikkelsen to try out the beautiful lace waistcoat in the SS2010 collection, which you can find at my-wardrobe for £139, and also will be ordering in the Topshop rose chiffon frills waistcoat (£28) to match with all the nude colours that are bound to make it to my wardrobe this spring!

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