Sensitive skin S.O.S.

It took me a long while to find a range of facial skin products that didn't irritate or clog my stressed-out skin. My skin routine was a haphazard stop-and-go process where I either had teenage angry skin (13 going on 30 anyone?) or super tight dry patches... I also didn't believe in trying to combine products from the same range and was happy mixing and matching.

Then one day I went to the Harvey Nichols Medispa for a glycolic peel and they recommended a couple of products from PH Advantage. That was 3 years ago, and though I continue to use a few skin products as complements to this range (La Mer moisturiser for when my skin really needs a plumping up effect etc, Eve Lom cleanser to wash away my day...), I have become a big fan of PH Advantage.

The idea is that they use acids to help balance skin PH and hydrate different skin layers for longer. I use their moisturisers daily (SPF 20 for day, higher acid content for night) and have received many compliments about how healthy my skin looked. Every couple of days I clear away dead cells using the Glycolic with my Clarisonic brush; it also works a charm on my arms where I suffer from hyper-keratosis or whatever that goose-bumpy looking thing is called. And finally, once a week I use the dermabrasion pads which are infused with Gycolic acid for a big radical sweep, followed by the moisturising gel.

Generally I don't have any visible pores anymore and I'm still waiting to see my first massive wrinkle. It also helps me stay away from the spa for facials for longer! Check it out on http://www.phadvantage.co.uk/. Cleansers cost around £25, and the moisturisers start around £35.

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