Tie me up... with charm bracelets

Though I like to own big statement pieces, I have always had a soft spot for cord bracelets that you put on never to take them off. If they come with a mini charm, then even better! I stack them up and use them as little talismans on my left wrist, together with my watch and my gold bangle that hubby dearest gifted me for our wedding.

So far I have: a skull, a little star, a wishbone, a pavé link, a matrioshka and a life tree; each of them means something special to me. Unlike the rest of my jewellery, these little bracelets are so thin and light that I never take them out.

For some reason the cord bracelet trend doesn't seem to have picked up in the UK and there is very little choice besides from the Dinh Van collection which in my view is way overpriced for pieces that are quite boring... It is really hard for me to find any of these babies in London, and so I often go online or to France to buy new ones.

The French and American designers have really taken to this trend. Amongst my favourites: Lyie Van Rycke, Redline, and Dogeared. Lyie Van Rycke's designs are super minimalistic, whilst Redline is a little bit more bling with the pavé and diamond designs. Dogeared is very boho, and was made famous when loads of Hollywood celebrities started wearing its red wishbone bracelet.

I'm off to Courchevel for the week-end tonight, and will be popping in to the local jewellers to see if they stock the new Redline Peace sign bracelet, or maybe the Hamsa one... so much to choose from!

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