Diptyque specials

Who doesn't like a scented candle? With its warming glow and discreet perfume it is the perfect little accessory to any room. I particularly like taking one as a gift when I'm invited somewhere.

When it comes to scented candles, my favourite brand is Diptyque, which offers over 50 fragrances inspired by nature. This range is the perfect antitheseis to the home fragrance horrors that you see advertised on TV, nothing artificial or toilet-cleaner smelling here!

At the moment I'm very partial to the (RED) candle, which was created in partnership with the Global Fund campaign and has the added bonus that 10% of proceeds will go to fund medication for AIDS patients in Africa; in my view this is a perfect scent for winter, with its rooibos tea and vanilla extracts, it is super warming. Together with the Winter set, it is my current favourite.

I'm also liking the special Spring set that is available at some shops, which combines three travel sized candles: Menthe Verte, Coriandre and Verveine. It brings images of freshly cut herbs and bright sunshine every time I pass by it in my local Space NK shop. I'm thinking of buying one and stocking it until the weather in London gets a little more spring-like, hopefully soon?

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mary said...

thank you for posting your review about Diptyque candles, I've always been very curious about them. I will buy one soon!