Rick Owens in da house!

So, after one year of lusting for Rick Owens' jackets, I finally caved in to my inner Gollum and have purchased the suede zipper biker jacket.

I think I first fell in love with its impeccable cut when I saw it on the shopfloor at some boutique last summer, and since that, everytime I reached out to buy another leather jacket I knew deep down that it wasn't good enough and that I'd better wait until it was the right time to come back for this one.

It is a superb fit and is extremely comfortable with the jersey panels on the inside of the arms. The suede is uber light and soft, it's like wearing a tailored gym hoodie! It looks effortlessly cool, and wearing it at work today made me feel like a million dollar, and I know that I'll be wearing it loads in the coming months, as winter moves into spring: right now I'm layering it with cashmere knits and woolly tights, but soon I can see how it will be the perfect cover-up for a little flower-print dress!

Rick Owens is stocked, amongst others, by Browns, NaP, Liberty...
Get the same jacket online at http://www.brownsfashion.com/

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