The return of the kitten heel

The last few seasons have been all about towering heels and platforms, and even though I absolutely adore my 12cm heels sometimes I have wished for smaller heels to be able to trot a little faster down Sloane Street instead of walking carefully and hazardously, threatening to fall down and break an ankle at the mere sight of an uneven pavement.

Thankfully there is a hot new shoe trend for SS2010: kitten heels! If we ignore ballerinas, I hadn't bought a small heel since 2005 and I'm so pleased to report that I have been stocking up on kitten heeled sandals for this coming season: my most recent acquisition is a pair of Nuit sandals by Hermès, in the signature taupe colour called Etoupe. I can already picture myself wearing these in the streets of St Tropez on a lazy afternoon of shopping this coming summer (note to self: must book that week-end away fast).

Whilst these babies are not as fierce as some of the platform gladiators that have been my staple in recent years, they have a more lady-like demeanour about them and definitely seem to be more to hubby dearest's liking than some of my edgier shoes. On that note, if anyone knows why most men don't seem to like platforms and wedges and really only like stilettos and kitten heels on girls please write in. With all the guys I know it seems to be a recurrent theme...

Hermès Nuit sandals are available at Hermès shops otherwise on http://www.hermes.com/ (the US site currently stocks them in black).


Anonymous said...

I really like your fashion tips and style - Very luxurious! I noticed from your first few posts that you work in finance. I'm currently in the last few months of my Business degree and hoping to go into Finance, either corporate finance or banking. If you do not mind me asking what division are you in?

Little S said...

Thanks! I work in capital markets. It is a lot of work but also a lot of fun!