A whole lot of luck, courtesy of Hermès bracelets

In my book, there are quite a few things that a girl can never have too much of, including, but not limited to: gorgeous shoes, Birkin bags (ahh.. to die and come back as Victoria Beckham's daughter!), shiny hair, friends who tell you bluntly if something doesn't fit, even when the salesperson is squealing at how beautiful you look, class and elegance, sheer luck...

Yes, sheer, dumb luck! You know how you often hear that no amount of preparation can replace dumb luck? Well I believe this to be very true. What else could explain that I was able to buy a Cheval Sur Mon Carré Hermès shawl in the black and grey colourway at the sale whilst I had been scouting most European boutiques to find one for months on end? Or that I was able to make that Christmas flight years ago when the taxi driver's snail pace and my last-minute bag packing had made me arrive at the airport literally 15 minutes before the scheduled take-off time (I love flight delays sometimes)?

So, whilst I try to be prepared for everything life throws my way, I have recently started to value luck and recognise it when it helps me get my way. So, when I discovered that my very favourite Hermès bracelets were believed to bring good luck by my friends on TPF, I started collecting them for their beauty and that extra karma boosting factor.

The Collier De Chien (aka the CDC) cuff is my ultimate favourite Hermès bracelet, it is edgy and elegant at the same time, and feels totally timeless despite how old the design is. It gives me such a confidence boost when I wear it that I carry one almost every day.

My collection is focused around neutrals for now, though I am looking for a purple gator one to start adding some colour to the mix. From left to right:
- Black swift leather with palladium hardware
- Griolet box leather with palladium hardware
- Chocolate swift leather with gold hardware
- Gold ostrich with gold hardware
- Gris Elephant gator with palladium hardware
- White epsom leather with gold hardware


JA_UK said...

Wow! You didnt waste time amassing this collection - just gorgeous!!

Kat said...

OMG, lovely collection! I love your GrisT and Gris Elephant! Wow! Should you ever tire of one of them let me know:0)