Count down to summer legs

Ok, so officially it's spring, but honestly here in London it is still a bit too chilly for me to bare my legs. For now I'm still holding tight (sorry!) to my opaque Wolfords for dear life, but I know that very soon it will be warm enough for little dresses, playsuits and long lazyafternoons in the garden.

So it was with firm resolution (in the lack of firm legs) that I did a fully-lit survey of the damage caused by winter. Despite all the moisturising and massaging I'd continued to do over the dark months, there was no escaping it: all the sitting at the desk and fabric chaffing left me with dry pins adorned with cellulite patches on the upper thighs (not to mention some wobbly bits). In light of this scary discovery, I was faced with the following alternative: spend next summer covered in harems and take a wetsuit instead of a bikini to my Ecuador vacation or adopt a radical action plan to improve the state of things presto. If you know me a bit, you know I hate wetsuits (the circus seal look doesn't really look good on me) and so the action plan was really the only option.

Up first, I did a 48h detox with David Kirsch's Lemonaid drink. Basically, for 48h all I did was drink this vile mixture. It tastes and feels horrible whilst you're doing it but after that I feel lighter (not a bloating sensation in sight) and my skin looks clearer now that I'm done. I feel ready to take on the world (especially now that I'm eating again and not feeling like I may faint any minute!) If you want to follow this my tip would be to ignore the brand's advice to do this on the week-end and rather choose the busiest days of your week to do this: I have found that keeping my mind busy with work helped me ignore the hunger and detox headache.
Get it from Space NK for £20

I've also upped my skin toning routine, sticking religiously to body-brushing before each shower. It makes me go all pink but I guess that's the point: improving blood flow to the skin cells to bust cellulite and grey areas. Boots has a nice detox brush for £5.50.

Every three days I go one step beyond body-brushing with a super cool exfoliator from Bliss: Fat Girl Scrub, which you can find for £26 in any of the Bliss corners (Harvey Nicks, Harrods) and at the shop on Sloane Avenue, or on-line. It is much more user-friendly than the old scrubbing gel they had ( I often found I was struggling to get the gel out of the tube, this one comes in a tub) and works just as well.

Stepping out of the shower, I move on to my new favourite cellulite-busting gel: Gel Offensive Cellulite 14 by Elancyl (hard to find in the UK, you haver to go into pharmacies which stock French products, there are a couple in South Ken, but noone does anti-cellulite products better than the French). My mom has been using Elancyl products for many years and you should see her legs, not a dimple in sight... I'm obviously just starting but already my skin appears smoother and firmer. I picked it up in a pharmacy in Paris for €23. I try to boost the effects of the gel by applying it using my L'Occitane body roller. No soft strokes here!

Usually by this point both hubby dearest and the house cat (affectionately called Mr Fatpuss) are whining about how long I've been using the flat's only bathroom so it's almost time to jump out and get dressed. Not before the final touch: a layer of Bio Oil, which is very well known to improve the aspect of broken and dry skin, and works super well on stretch marks and scars.
A 100ml bottle costs approximately £20 at Boots.

On top of upping my routine at home I've also decided to give my workout routine a bit of a kick, by adding a couple of bootcamps at my office gym every week. Apparently circuit training works really fast as it challenges your body. All I know is it leaves me exhausted, so something must be working... Today is day 3 of this improved routine, I think by day 45 my legs and I should almost be ready for our premiere in a summer skirt... Fingers crossed!!!

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