Girlie read of the week

From time to time I love a good girlie read, however I don't particularly enjoy weepy "Aga-Sagas" so have been limited to a few authors so far. After a few years I have exhausted my bookseller's stock of Olivia Goldsmith, Candace Bushnell...

During my last visit to the bookstore however I stumbled across this little book, and the cover picture of stylish women walking with what appeared to be New York in the background drew me in. I had just found "The Group", by Mary McCarthy. It is a wonderful novel set in the 1930s, following the lives of a group of Vassar graduates as they embark on adult life in the Big Apple.

My copy has an introduction by Candace Bushnell, establishing it even more as the SATC of its time. I am just in the middle of the novel but I'm loving every minute of it, as the characters (there are loads of them!) face difficulties specific to their times and others which I have encountered myself in the early 21st century, and the author gives us an amazingly accurate vision of 1930s American society.

I totally recommend it!

Find it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk for £5.59


ladyhermes said...

Sounds fab, will go out and get it!

theduchessofH said...

It's a novel that was ahead of it's time. I consider it a a "must have" in my library, right beside, Peyton Place.

The movie version, was just as poorly, translated to the silver screen, as Peyton Place; but I still remain glued to the screen, whenever I notice them televised.