Going nude: in the shoe department at least

Since moving to England, I never allow myself to dream of long summer evenings and little ditzy dresses before the long Easter bank holiday week-end. Anytime before that is simply foolish fantasizing on my part and usually results in me sinking even deeper into winter depression, reminiscing the spring week-ends spent at the beach during my childhood. However, just because I try not to dream of summer outfits (some years these are only to be worn on holidays in more forgiving climates,... summer 2009 anyone?) doesn't mean I don't stock up early on some key trends. This year, I've spent much of March hunting for the perfect nude sandals.

You see, I have always adored nude sandals and I squealed with delight (yes I know, I get a little too excited with accessories) when I checked out the trend lists in my favourite magazines. Finally, the fashion world was embracing nude, a wonderfully flattering colour especially in shoes. Not baby pink, not dusty beige, not pasty cement, no.... glorious beautiful nude, my absolute favourite colour for summer shoes.

Until someone invents the limb-lenghtening vitamin I have always wished for, the nude sandal is the best thing to come around for my legs, especially when said legs are coaxed into short summer dresses without the protection of opaque tights (scary prospect if you ask me!).

My small collection of nude sandals started with a pair of nude Louboutin platforms, and as you can see I have worn them almost to death; the only thing I would change if I could would be to remove the red signature sole, which in my mind clashes with nude, however at the time when I bought them (3 summers ago), these were the only sandals I could find in this perfect nude shade.

This summer, YSL have issued the gorgeous Tribute platform in a perfect nude shade, and I was quick to snap these up when I spotted them waiting quietly in a corner of the shoe floor at Liberty's. They are extremely high, however with the platform are very easy to trot in. I can't wait to take them out!

The other pair I recently brought home is this platform gladiator sandal by French brand Colisee de Sacha, which I spotted during a recent trip to Saint-Germain. They are fierce yet incredibly demure exactly because of the colour. These would go perfectly with a little dress and a biker jacket.


JA_UK said...

Beautiful shoes! These are the times I wished I didnt have flippers for feet!!

Little S said...

Flippers schmippers... I'm sure I can find you gorgeous shoes in your size. Need some enabling?

JA_UK said...

Hehe!! You naughty lady lol!! If you can find me a source for gorgy shoes that would fit my wide size 10's I will be forever in your debt and mine lol!!