Wedding season is here, finding the perfect outfit is a priority!

Over the past six years, I've spent an great deal of my springtime week-ends at weddings. This has been incredible fun however as most of my friends and family live outside of the UK I'm getting a little tired of the whole travelling / partying / travelling back in two days routine. I can't wait for the baby wave to strengthen so I'll be able to just send a pretty cashmere blanky and a card instead of trekking out every time!

By now I've been to so many weddings that I have gathered a list of tips that help me survive the week-end abroad for a wedding:

1) Avoid wheat, dairy and alcohol in the week coming up to the wedding, especially if you're flying to get there, it will help you avoid looking and feeling bloated

2) Always enquire about the location/topography of the wedding: it will help you plan footwear accordingly (I'm not saying take hiking shoes to a wedding but I sometimes wish I didn't take stiletto heels to that particular wedding which was set on the most gorgeous lawn... still can remember that sinking feeling!)

3) Another good one on footwear: plan to take two pairs of shoes to the evening, the second pair doesn't need to be flat-heeled, just a different height and different straps will help relieve over-danced feet

4) Be prepared with a fashion emergency kit in your clutch: fashion tape, safety pins, wet wipes (great to erase that berry coulis accident), blister plaster, bloating paper...

5) Whatever you do, don't take your shoes off. Dancing barefoot will get you black soles, swollen legs, and blisters (as collateral damage your significant other will get back pain from carrying you back to the hotel room, you'll have to pay them back with backrubs for the rest of your lives together)

6) Leave a pair of aspirins by your bedside at the hotel before heading out, drinking them before going to sleep will help alleviate any headaches, hangovers (though really fashionistas should never get too drunk, it is not very stylish, is it?) and tired legs

7) Unless the dresscode specifically asks for you to, don't wear white, the old rules still apply (I will never forget the person who wanted to wear white at my wedding under the excuse that it would be warm, how nice...!)

8) Don't, no matter how warm or drunk you're feeling, strip for a skinny-dip in the pool... It's embarrassing for everyone (in case you're wondering, I was never the actor of this incongruity, merely a spectator)

9) Plan your outfit with time and consideration...

Here is one dress I picked up recently and which I think will be perfect for the wedding in Ecuador. This silk chiffon gown by Tibi (£469) is suitably tropical with its hummingbird pri
nt, and I love that I'll be able to dress it up with sky-high heels and over the top jewellery, or down with some gladiator flats and an understated cuff. The hem on this one is quite tricky, with two floor-length layers of chiffon plus a draped layer, so if like me you're really a smurfette passing for human, do hire the services of a really good seamstress. Expect to spend £50-100 on the hemming.
Tibi is stocked by many stores and websites, in the UK and abroad.

One of my favourite colours for summer is emerald green, I think it suits me quite well (as long as I've got a bit of a tan, sun-induced or self-tanner created). This dress by Paul & Joe Sister (£185), with its Aztec-style emblellishment, is another one which can be dressed up or down. The only thing I'm a little mindful of is the high hemline... so I'll wait to see the results of my summer legs blast before ordering it.

Another one I love on My Wardrobe is this watermelon silk wrap by Alberta Ferretti (£334). The length and cut are super for my mediterranean figure, but the price is a bit steep for what is essentially a wrap dress. Following my new year's resolutions, I'm going to think this one out.
On a more affordable scale, I have my eye on this dress by Oasis, which would be ideal for a country wedding. It is totally on trend with its floral print. It can be "seriousified" for the ceremony with a blazer, which could come out come evening for a night to remember. Plus, silk at this price?! I'm a taker! It's on http://www.oasis-stores.com/ at £70

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