Ready, set, go! It's the Outnet birthday sale

This week, there will be an even sweeter feeling on Friday, as The Outnet (Net à Porter's outlet little sister) will be hosting a special First Anniversary sale, where everything will be priced at £1. No, that is not a typo, for the first time in my fashionista life I will be able to browse and buy designer items for £1!!!

On Friday 16th, thousands of designer items will go on a mega sale for just £1, and one lucky shopper will even get a super Golden Ticket allowing them to preview and shop the sale ahead of anyone else.

In order to have access one had to RSVP by last Sunday. Did you register? I know I sure did and I cannot wait for the sale on Friday. I have no idea what items will be in this fabulous sale but knowing the NaP and Outnet crowd and their impeccable taste, I am sure I'll be able to find more than one or two things I like. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Go to http://www.theoutnet.com/ to check out designer goods on a budget.

Just an update for my Fashionistas friends: I've just received an update email from the Outnet, apparently it's only one item per shopper... That's not going to make for an easy shopping experience for me. I typically find it very very tough to choose when I love many things...


mme CLMdeF said...

oh noooooooooo, i forgot to RSVP!!!!!
i would be very grateful if you could tell us (or PM me) when you receive the invitation to the sale!!!

Little S said...

I wish I could. Apparently it is a specific code for each registered Outnet customer though.. :-(