Clogs, come on, give them a try!

Ok, I know what you're thinking, we've heard about the clogs trend from so many magazines we have got the picture, thanks.

However, I am not here to speak about the fashion clogs that graced the collections of Miu Miu, Chanel etc.... In my view these are gorgeous but not particularly practical (try walking in a pair for more than 10 minutes, see how many yards go by before you've slipped so far down the clogs your toe nails are hurting) and the combination of platform plus high heel plus absence of ankle strap makes for a dangerous trekk, even in the city. Now transfer this to the uneven topography of a summer festival, and you have got a recipe for disaster. Très peu pour moi...

Rest assured, I don't mean to talk about the ones you would rather imagine on a farmer somewhere in outer Siberia either.

No, the ones I really love are the ones which are modern adaptation of the traditional scandi clogs, from a brand called Swedish Hasbeens. They are uber cool, boho in every sense of the word, and compliment little ditzy floral dresses and jeans alike. And, most importantly, they are edgy, not mainstream, which basically means you won't see a similar model of your clogs everywhere you clomp this summer. So far, I've come across Swedish Hasbeens only once in London. Now, it is true that they have been seen to grace the little footsies of Maggie Gyllenhal and Satah Jessica Parker, so maybe they will have the same clogs as you...

I have a pair of green jodhpur, which I bought in St Germain in Paris. They were perfect over easter week-end, which hubby dearest and I spent in a very wet part of Devon. I'm now eyeing a pair of sky-high slip-ins, but can't decide which colour I like best: mustard or cognac?

Swedish Hasbeens ships worldwide, check out the stock on:

PS: Word of caution - Unless you work in a highly creative job, do not attempt to take these babies to work... this look is strictly for week-end

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