My new Neil George hair routine

A couple of weeks ago I started noticing how bad my hair looked: dry, tangled, needing to be washed daily... I looked like a little New York rat, disgusting and unhappy. Even after going for my monthly appointment at Hari's!! It was time to act!

First I needed a tool to help me detangle my wet hair after the shower, as my poor Mason Pearson brush is great for brushing and styling but doesn't do much to help me get rid of my little knots. I discovered the Tangle Teezer at Hari's, it is what the stylists use on wet hair, and I decided I needed one for my house.

Second, I had to find a way to tackle the miserable condition of my poor strands, by switching my hair products: out with the cheapo supermarket brands that did nothing for my fine hair besides weighing it down with residue and stripping my expensive vegetable colour away, and in with the healthy Neil George range bought from Space NK.

I chose their Everyday Cleanse shampoo and conditioner mainly because of the divine orange blossom smell and the eco-friendly packaging, but also because it's paraben-free. At first use, I can confirm the texture is light yet moisturizing, and it leaves hair squeaky-clean yet feeling plump.

To tackle my dried out ends I also bought their Intense Repair Mask, it felt like a vitamin boost to my poor hair. And the smell, so fresh and citrusy, .... yum!

Another product I liked and picked up was the Conditioning and Detangle Spray. It coats my hair with a hydrating mist which smells of nature and once dry my hair looks once again healthy and shiny. Perfect!

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Anonymous said...

My hair is really dry - apparently you need to figure out if it is lackign in moisture or protein by doing a snap test - you pull out one strand and if it snaps it lacks in protein, and if it stretches it lacks in moisture (or vice versa - may need to google it!) I used Redken protein spray and wella power pask about £35 for both and they have really improved my hair. Hope this helps. I may try your recommended products for a change! Enjoying reading your blog!x