The worst home waxing kit ever: Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

So, Bliss Spa finally improved its home waxing kit by replacing the old cup with a new microwave-safe one. With this in mind and wanting to bear my legs over the week-end (we had 30 degrees in London, so this was THE summer week-end of the year), I headed to Harvey Nicks and paid a dear £35 for this kit, having read raving reviews in magazines and blogs.

Well all I can say is: what a disappointment! Why, you ask? Well consider these three points:

1 - If you're going to pay £35 for a waxing kit you'd at least expect to do one set of half-legs wouldn't you? Well the amount of wax is so tiny in the kit that I wasn't even able to do one quarter-leg... and believe me I am just average-hairy.

2 - As I applied the wax it set so quickly that one strip out of two cracked as I tried to tear it out, making me re-apply another layer on top and waste precious wax and time.

3 - Even when the strips didn't break mid-way they hardly removed all the hair and I needed to use a second or third strip to take off everything.

To me, these are major failings for a waxing kit, I mean which kit costs you three times as much as any other, leaves you with 75% of the target area looking like you haven't tended to it in three weeks, and cracks at the mere sight of a little breeze? Bottom-line, I had to get a Veet wax pot to finish the work. Needless to say the Veet kit cost less than £9, and I used less than one third of it to do two half-legs. Success at last!

PS - On the plus side, the Bliss pre-wax cleaner was really nice.

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Little S said...

Update: Two weeks later, guess what, the section of hair removed with the Bliss wax has re-grown all inside the first layer of skin! What a brilliant way for Bliss to sell its "in ingrowns" cream... Not to me though, that's for sure!