Will I be able to be a fashionable mommy?

Dear friends, you may have noted that the number of posts has been rather low lately but I have an excuse... You see, I have been waiting with some impatience to share my big news: hubby dearest and I are expecting a TinyS for the first week in January 2011!!!

These last few weeks I've been feeling like a little squid right after a nasty encounter with a big truck on a Mykonos road, but now I'm finally starting to feel myself again and looking forward to posting more regularly! My beloved waistline has already disappeared so I will definitely be looking for fashionista-friendly maternity wear. Ideas welcome!

So far, I haven't been too lucky in that department: to my amazement, the places I checked out in London seem to stock the same inventory of turquoise potato sacks (aka dresses) and unshapely trousers in black, white or beige... God help me! But I am not considering myself defeated yet! Watch this space!

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Vanportrait said...

Congratulations. It's quite a while since I needed maternity-clothes, but I do remember that there were some real cool Jeans out there. I had two pairs and loved them - worked with all shoes and handbags and it was easier to find a cute top or blazer ...