Pregnancy beauty favourites

A few weeks into my first pregnancy, I came to realise that the effortless glamour portrayed by Vanity Fair pictorials of blooming celebs was not going to be so effortless in my case. To start with, I work 12-15 hour days, travel all the time for work and leisure, and I don't have a squadron of personal assistants, cooks and beauty therapists to follow me around everywhere (if anyone is long an assistant or two please send them my way, thanks!)... I also don't go about life photoshopped and airbrushed, but that's a whole other topic!

But, this doesn't mean I was going to give up, let everything go to the pits and accept my new friends: swollen legs and potentially stretchy skin for nine months. Just like I have decided not to be a frumpy expectant mom, I have decided to use all the help I can get and I have done a little research and have found some products that work really well for me.

My biggest problem so far has been swollen legs and feet, and sometimes swollen fingers (I stopped wearing my gorgeous engagement and wedding rings in week 9!)... Of course regular flying doesnt' really help here. My super allies for this are a sloped mattress which elevates my feet, my weekly drainage with Jane Peres at Brazilian Look on Fulham Road, and two miracle products from French lab Decleor. I carry the little 50ml "Circulaspray" everywhere I go, and have a little spritz over my ankles and legs everytime I feel a little tiredness. The Aromadynamic gel from the same range is also amazing, especially applied at the end of the day after showering, in circular massages from the ankles to the knees.
http://www.hqhair.com/ stocks Decleor products
Circulaspray £17.50
Aromadynamic £29.00

For evenings when I want to be a little glam and still have fresh light legs, I turn to Lucky Legs by Mama Mio, it also works wonders on tired legs but has a little sparkle added to the gel, which is always nice when I'm wearing a dress and high heels. Mama Mio needs no introduction amongst the mommy crew, but I hadn't used any of their products until this spring. Another product that works wonders is the Tummy Rub Butter, it is rich yet not oily and feels lovely over my little bump.
Lucky Legs cooling serum £15.50
Tummy Rub stretch mark butter £22.50

My last beauty find that I'm hoping will help me go through these few months easily is the Body Tonic by Clarins. This is basically an oil which works wonders over humid skin, and helps keep it supple as everything expands... I use it all over just before stepping out of the shower. I have been using it more now than in the early days since it has quite a strong smell which I found a little too much in the beginning.
Huile "Tonic" £34.50

Hopefully with all these allies I will not be all puffy and covered in stretch marks, though I'm conscious only time will say! Of course the immediate upside of piling all these products is that my skin has never been so soft!! How about you, what are your favourite pregnancy beauty products?

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