Pregnancy workouts

In all fairness, I have been quite lucky so far in the sense that I haven't had that many of the typical pregnancy symptoms and so have been able to carry on with my busy life pretty much as before, with minor adjustments. The only main change is that I've had to cut back on activities that were not necessarily too safe such as climbing and Bikram yoga.

To compensate the lower workout routine and avoid developing a gravity balancing bump around my back-side, I knew I had to keep active on a regular basis. Mind you, I don't mind putting on the weight that's normal to allow the baby to develop healthily, like 10-13kg, but what I want to avoid is a horror story where my body weight doubles thanks to my lack of motivation and increased appetite, to no apparent benefit to my baby.

I quickly got on the search for the perfect place to work out where I would feel not only at peace but also sporty... trust me, in my case it takes quite a magical environment for that to happen! Additionally it had to have a big, quiet pool for my new favourite activity: swimming.

So after a long search and a number of disappointing gym visits I have finally found the gym of my dreams, in the form of The Chelsea Club, in the grounds of Chelsea FC at Stamford Bridge. This is an adults only club, which means the 25m pool is extremely quiet and less chlorinated than most in SW, but also that at any time I've been there there were less than 4 people in the pool. Thinking back to my phobia of public pools, this is bliss. I love swimming here!

Upstairs there are two work-out areas with the latest high-tech equipment for cardio and weight training, including the latest high tech equipment. I can come here with the training key that my trainer prepared for me, where she stored all my workout programme, and the machines get immediately set for my routine. I love coming here to use the cross-trainer and the weight machines, who would have thought?

The team of trainers is adorable and helpful, and there is always someone around to help out. What I like the most is that none of the areas ever feel crowded, like they did in my office gym or at David Lloyd.

There are loads of added bonuses, such as an on-site cafe serving healthy food and drinks as well as an Elemis spa where members get a 10% discount... The changing rooms are immaculate, stocked with Molton Brown products and GHD hair styling tools. Another plus: the opening times. This club is open 6am to 10pm during the week and 9am to 8pm on week-ends, perfect for busy bees like me!

The Chelsea Club
Chelsea Football Stadium
Stamford Bridge
Fulham Road
London SW6 1HS
0 207 915 2200

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