Fall 2010 fail-safes: animal prints, neutrals, and red

OMG... It's been over a month since my last post, I'm a really naughty blogger. My apologies, but between my vacation, work, and the refurbishment hubby dearest and I are having done in our house (where we live by the way, something I do not recommend any pregnant woman to do!) I have been feeling slightly overwhelmed.

Whilst London continues to be blessed with relatively good weather I have been moving slowly from my summer wardrobe (always a little more boho) into automnal outfits, which are definitely more professional looking but still loads of fun to put together.

This year, I'm faced with three new challenges:
1) Having limited access to my accessories (try living in the top floor in a cramped room and fit all your fashionista stuff in there, it's tough!)
2) Not fitting in my size 10 anymore. My bump and I have graduated into sizes "Gigantic" and 12 respectively
3) Not being able to wear 70% of my gorgeous shoes thanks to the joys of flatter swollen feet (my Louboutins still beg to be picked up in the morning but alas there is no helping it for now!)... at least it gives me an excuse to go shoe shopping, if I ever needed one!

So, how is a girl to cope? By having fun playing dress up of course. And this season, my top choices are: animal prints, neutrals, and bright red.

My favourite items this month have been a bright red silk zipped pencil dress by Cos (a bit body-con yet with draping around the bust and tummy which are quite flattering to my tummy), these LK Bennett peep toes in leopard print which I picked up in size 38 (1.5 sizes up from my usual!!!) when my feet started to swell, and my vintage Burberry trench, bought over 10 years ago in a vintage shop in Lyon.

I throw in my Louis Vuitton sac plat in the monogram canvas and I'm ready for back to school!!

I'm also playing with some blacks and greys which will look awesome as the days turn grimmer, and I'm toying with the idea of buying a new camel cashmere coat. It's supposed to be the item of this winter and it is one investment buy if there was ever any. Have you found yours yet?

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Butterfly said...


love to read new posts from you :-) hope you're doing well. When I read that you were looking for a camel cashmere coat I instantly thought: I have to ask her whether she already knows where she's going to buy it :-) Alas, you still seem to be in the searching phase. Have you already checked out Max Mara? 2 seasons ago, I saw a beautiful camel coat in Copenhagen from max Mara - but Copenhagen being very expensive, I passed on that occasion and haven't found a similar coat here.

My next purchase will for sure be a Burberry Trench (to be more exact: one in camel and one in black); I do have several trench coats - but not the "real deal". As I lost quite a bit of weight (11kgs so far), I should fit into a decent size now - before it was either ok at the shoulders or at the bum :-(

take care and good luck with your renovations - hope it won't take too much time.