Exciting new on-line shopping

As I'm sure you have noticed, this fall has brought a wave of exciting new on-line shopping outlets for all the fashionistas out there, and I was particularly excited about Zara, Banana Republic and H&M.

My favourite one to navigate is Zara, http://www.zara.com/. It is filled with gorgeously affordable treats and really easy to get around. It is as good as its interiors sister: http://www.zarahome.com/. I'm currently oggling some furry lined boots to help me through this unseasonly cold we're having in London.

The European website for Banana Republic is also quite good, and the inventory is very good especially for clothes: http://www.bananarepublic.eu/. The downside? It doesn't stock shoes... sigh

Finally, H&M has decided to launch on line. Wonderful news, and I really like the look visuals that you can buy all the items for at once. However, I found http://www.hm.com/ a little tough to navigate, I wish the website was easier to navigate... The big question remains whether the Lanvin collection will be available on-line from November 2d... We shall see!

After years of wishing for these shopping websites to be launched I'm left with one last prayer to the fashionista angels: please could J.Crew be launched in the UK?

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