My fashionista's choice of baby pram

Whilst our home is undergoing intensive refurbishment (at the cost of my sanity sometimes!) I have spent a lot of time dreaming of my little baby boy to come, and imagining how life will be when he is here... Whilst I can't wait, I'm also nervously thinking about preparing to make sure I have everything ready for his arrival!

Call me delusional, but what I've planned for the most is the big walks we'll be having in the park in the wintery weather, him all snug and warm in his little pram and me walking at a brisk pace trying to shed what will hopefully be a small post-baby tummy...

And, who says long walks says I had to choose the perfect pram for my little baba, practical and comfortable for him, and uber stylish for me. Having talked with some of my yummy mummy friends, the overwhelming advice was to go for the Bugaboo Cameleon all-in-one. Not only does it look wonderful, it is also very practical and light, and, unlike others, it is able to go on virtually all terrains and turn corners. The fact that it is infinitely customisable was obviously the cherry on the cake for me!

I couldn't decide on what colour combo I wanted until I heard about the 2010 (RED) denim special edition, which looks amazing, especially for a little boy, but also is a wonderful way to give back to a campaign that I've supported since its onset. Come summer, I think I'll customise it with an off-white or sand coloured canopy to make it all a little lighter.

Having made my choice, it was time to talk to my little sister... You see my parents and little sis have decided to spoil our little baby rotten by buying everything we need for our impending arrival, which honestly is an amazing and welcome gift considering how draining the refurbishment has been... So little sis bought me the Bugaboo from Harrods, which incidently was the only place where the model I wanted was available in the UK, and it is now sitting in its box waiting to be taken out for its first outings. I can't wait to use it!!! Next step? To decide on the MaxiCosi capsule, which incidently clips on the Bugaboo's base to take baba out, who says life isn't perfect?

For more information on Bugaboo travel systems check out: http://www.bugaboo.com/

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