Oh what a wonderful week-end I just had...

If I were to compare the beginning and end of last week, I'd say it was like night and day... To summarise, I started the week on a pretty annoying note, but instead of indulging in unpleasant thoughts, I took a wonderfully refreshing approach and decided to litterally cut the toxic out of my life. Oh and what a great change this brings!

As soon as I detoxed my life things started to pick up, and I focused on the happy things in my life, such as stocking up on nursery items for my little baby to come, snuggling up to hubby dearest in front of Gossip Girl, spoiling myself, and spending quality time with my friends.

The peak of my week was the gorgeous baby shower that a few of my friends organised for me on Saturday at the Dorchester. They invited me for an afternoon tea in this beautiful London landmark and we had a blast chatting about girly things, discussing pregnancy and babies, and plotting our next fashionista purchases. I had such an amazing time chatting and laughing I didn't realise we'd stayed for so long. The food was really nice, especially the scrumptious scones, and the tea selection is very good. I had a Lapsang which was perfectly brewed and served by the most adorable waiter ever. Come to think about it, I think this was the ideal place for a baby shower, combining a gorgeous setting with comfortable seating and perfect service. I felt truly spoiled coming out of my baby shower, thinking, with wonderful friends like this in one's life, who needs toxic?

Then on Sunday I organised my new dressing room a bit (more on that in a later post, I promise!) and went for a pregnancy massage at Spa NK in Notting Hill. If you've been following my blog for a while, you know this is my favourite spa in London, however it has become even more so since I discovered their pregnancy massages. If you've been pregnant, you know that your back and legs can take a real beating and since I fly som much I've been feeling pretty sore lately. I booked in for this treatment and was thrilled to discover the specially designed massage bed which includes a little space to fit a pregnant bump whilst lying face down. The treatment was a whole hour of blissful massage administered with the baby's and my wellbeing in mind, and I came out feeling refreshed and lighter.

So overall, for a week that had started on a low, this week-end was the perfect turnaround I needed, resulting in a much happier calmer me!

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Black is the New Black said...

sounds absolutely lovely!!