8 months pregnant... What shall I wear for the next few weeks???

Here is a question I ask myself almost every single morning these days: what am I going to wear? Sadly for me, I'm still working for another few weeks so lounging in my PJs or cashmere trousers all day is not an option...

Though I may have deluded myself in the beginning that I could still wear mostly my normal clothes, as my due date is getting closer and closer (yes, that's less than 6 weeks now!!!) I'm under no such illusions anymore: dresses which used to reach just by my knees are now floating somewhere above my mid-thighs (who wants to look tartly with a pregnant tummy that looks ready to explode?!), trousers that used to fit snugly at my waist have long been discarded to the end of my wardrobe, and normal coats don't close anymore.

Even if some of my normal clothes fit a new concept has entered my equation of outfit selection in the morning: am I going to be comfortable after a few hours travelling around Europe or simply sitting at my desk getting aggravated by inflexible and rather stupid lawyers? And that's the great thing about clothes that are especially created for bumpy ladies, no matter how fitted and fashionable they are, they are always comfortable to wear.

Lately I have turned more and more to ASOS Maternity, a cheap yet stylish pregnancy selection where I have recently picked up this gorgeous jersey dress, very AW2010. This is also where I come to stock up on black leggings and maternity jeggings. Like most expectant yummy mummies I'd rather not spend too much money on pregnancy outfits and save to buy more things to spoil the little baba (as if he wasn't spoilt enough already) and splurge on a few spa visits after his arrival; for this reason, shopping websites such as ASOS are ideal.

Another great online shop is Topshop Maternity, where I recently picked up this fabulous top with lace inserts. It looks fabulous with black jeans. They also stock 120 denier tights which are just perfect for those cold days when I want to wear a dress...

In addition to these new purchases, I have been spending more and more time wearing my cashmere dresses from Eric Bompard, which continue to generously accomodate my now gigantic baby house (it is not a bump anymore...) and when it comes to cover ups, I have turned away from fitted coats and used my Joseph and Meteo furry jackets. For accessories, nothing shouts winter more than Herm├Ęs cashmere and silk GM shawls.

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