Cool rings

Just because I haven't been wearing either my engagement or my wedding rings in four months (if you saw my swollen fingers you'd understand why...) doesn't mean my love for rings has diminished, and I'm constantly on the look-out for fun pieces.

Lately, I was in Ireland with hubby dearest and I saw this ring by Alexis Bittar. Of course my adorable other half described it as slightly alien-looking, whilst I fell in love with its organic shape and the Swarovski crystals (some of them are purposefully set in reverse). It is quite big in size so I wore it to a work do the other day and it did its job pretty well, sparkling comments and conversations with people, some of whom thought it was H.Stern (I wish Stern jewellery was this cheap!)

The other ring I recently fell in love with is Jules the Octopus by Noir Jewelry, also a NY-based designer. I don't know why but I am drawn to animal and insect-themed rings and this one with the black crystals just had to be mine. My BFF has ordered it for me and it should cross the Atlantic soon!!!

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Lovely rings!!