This busy mummy has found her saviour: Babylist is the best!

A few weeks ago I started my ante-natal classes, and was recommended to start stocking up on baby essentials fast, just in case my little bundle of interrupted sleep arrived early... That advice put the fear of the devil in me, since I had not really bought much besides the pushchair, a little crib and a baby lounger.

I have to confess that when hubby dearest and I embarked in this adventure, we had no idea that babies needed so much "stuff". Away from the obvious ones like a car seat or feeding bottles, noone told me I'd also need to think about what would be the best portable changing mat, the least unstylish baby bath, or that I would ever need something called J-cloth underwear (don't ask...)

Of course my adorable mother had already bought enough little babygros, hats, little outfits etc to clothe a whole village of babies, and she had also stocked up on gorgeous embroidered linens from her home country of Portugal. Similarly my dad had helped us by buying most of the nursery furniture, so a few areas were already covered.

For the rest, I wanted to avoid making rookie mistakes and so I had to find help, and fast! That's when our ante-natal "teacher" suggested we book an appointment at Babylist, a concierge service which offers advice and sourcing for all things baby-wise, from the bath thermometer to the best-looking nursing chairs ever.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I called to book an appointment and was offered an evening slot (this kind of availability scores very very high in this fashionista's book, as you know), and I went in last night to meet with Anita, the director. After making me sit in one of the most comfy yet uber stylish nursing chairs I've seen, we started working on a list which she broke down into areas such as transport, furniture, linens etc etc. I quickly realised we were million miles away from my last baby shopping experience, where I was left standing totally lost and confused staring at the Peter Jones array of baby offerings with no help on sight.

Anita is like the wiser sister I wish I had, she spent a good two hours advising which items to get now, which ones to wait for, telling me which products she thought were good and why. Of course, the fact that she is the mummy of two gorgeous girls herself makes her the perfect ally as she has tried and tested most of the products directly. Her generosity with her time made me feel like I was having a chat with a friend, and though I fear I may have chit-chatted a bit much she was extremely kind and made the whole thing a wonderful experience for me.

At the end of our appointment, I had ordered everything that hubby dearest and I are going to need, and the only pending little bits and bobs are essentials such as baby bottom cream and cotton which Anita gave me a list for and which can be ordered from a pharmacy or a supermarket. Everything I ordered from Babylist will be delivered to our house, once I'm off from work, hopefully in a few weeks. Result!!

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