Who said it's not possible to eat well west of World's End?

As you may have followed, hubby dearest and I moved away from my beloved South Kensington to Parsons Green a few months ago, in preparation for the arrival of our little baby (our new neighbourhood is quite aptly called Nappy Valley...)

One of the first things my boss said, having lived in the area for a while himself, was "oh for good restaurants you need to go back to K&C". And I have to say he is quite right, the good restaurants are quite few and far between once you cross over to Hammersmith & Fulham. However, there are a few places that I love, some I knew before moving here, some I have discovered quite recently.

First, my all-time favourite in the area for a week-end lunch: the River Café. This beauty needs no introduction to Londoners, and the place is so popular that finding a table is quite tough. I usually book 4-6 weeks in advance. It is well worth it though, for the Italian cuisine here is absolutely amazing and you can see the chefs at work in the open kitchen. The setting is ideal for a summer lunch with the lawn going down to the pier, but come here for a winter dinner and you will be just as amazed. I love their food so much I bought the cookbook and my friends are known to enjoy the basil and ricotta soufflé quite a lot!
River Café
Thames Warf
Rainville Road
London W6 9HA
0 207 386 4200

The next restaurant on my list is a recent discovery, although I knew its sibling quite well when I lived near Old Brompton Road. Tendido Cuatro is a spanish tapas restaurant just like Tendido Cero, though it also offers paellas. We went there last friday with a couple of friends and were thrilled to find the same level of service as well as the delicious tapas menu we enjoyed back in South Ken. I particularly recommend the croquetas and the fabada. Delicious!
Tendido Cuatro
108-110 New Kings Road
Parsons Green
London SW6 4LY
0 207 371 5147

Another place I recently found is Di'Zain, which is more a cafe come brunch spot than a restaurant per se. It is a small yet perfect little spot to come for coffee, breakfast or early lunch. Their eggs benedict are absolutely divine, not to mention the pancakes (which I ask without the mascarpone and blueberry jam and with the more classic accompaniement of maple syrup). I also love their pastries. The service is a little hit and miss and sometimes you have to wait forever, especially on week-ends, but come on a week day and you should have a lovely time.
277 New Kings Road
Parsons Green
London SW6 4RD
0 207 751 9711


Little S said...

March 2011 - DiZain has just been renamed Barossa but the owners are the same and so is most of the menu. Recently I've developed quite an addiction to their Lemon drizzle cake, yum! And service has tremendously improved!

Lattes and Juice said...

Hey neighbor we need to set up a playdate with our birkins and babes! Im in SW6 too! xox

Little S said...

We should!!! Btw I ordered a Sac Igloo after I read your post, it took so long to be delivered it got here in time for the summer but at least I'll have it for next winter!!

Lattes and Juice said...

I'm definitely obsessed with my sac igloo! Got me through this miserable winter. I happily put it away and loving this amazing weather we have been getting. Playdate at fulham palace??? I'll email you :)