Struggling to keep your hair composure in the snow? Try my little trick

If you've ever stepped into a snowy day like today with freshly blown hair you know how harsh the weather can be on just prepped hair... Instead, I suggest you try this little routine that I only recently started following.

First, I ensure my locks are fully moisturised via a good hydrating mask such as the Kerastase Nutri-Thermique mask, which I leave on under whilst showering. The hot steam makes sure the product gets absorbed quite well and it results in softer hair with minimum effort. The mask costs about £20 and is available on-line and at hairdressers.

As soon as my hair is de-tangled, I dry it totally out with a ionic hair dryer, which has the benefit of working on the hair from the inside out and which seals the moisture inside the hair shaft, avoiding the frizz-inducing moisture that stays on hair with normal dryers.

The last step is to flat-iron my tresses with a Corioliss extra-hot iron, which ensures that any water that was left on the hair vapourises, before I even hit the streets. The result is a straight and shiny look, admittedly not the va-va-voom that I would get from a wavy blow-dry but definitely sleek and high-maintenance looking, and, most importantly, weather-resistant. My Corioliss iron cost about 100£ a couple of years ago but it is a worthwhile investment as it only takes a little skill to use it for straight and curly looks.

Time to achive this snow-proof look? About 30 minutes all-in. How about you? What are your little beauty tricks to survive in the current weather?

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