Absolutely favourite brand of baby clothes: Natura Pura

As everyone can imagine, becoming a mother has brought me an immense joy, and everyday I discover more marvellous things about being around my little baba. There is however one little advantage about having a baby that I knew I would enjoy long before my little tiger arrived: now I get to shop for two!!!

I love buying things for myself but choosing a new babygro or a new cashmere blanket gives me a thrill I could not imagine. I'm not claiming to be a baby clothes specialist just yet but I've made it my new passion to discover brands that are special. And my favourite brand of all for baby clothes is Natura Pura, from Portugal. It creates baby gear in organic cotton, in the softest and cutest cuts, and both I and little baba are totally in love with it.

I discovered Natura Pura thanks to my mom who literally emptied their Lisbon store prior to baba's arrival (thanks mom...), sending me boxes of babygros and blankets in the most gorgeous shades of beige and camel, and thankfully I'm able to fullfill the addiction she has started by ordering on-line from Children Salon in the UK.

I'm looking forward to my next trip to Lisbon to visit the store myself!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Loving your blog, I read your post about skincare and thought I would throw another brand out there:-) Check out Bloom and Blossom, its a new range mainly in SpaceNK for yummy mummys :-)

Little S said...

Thanks hun! I will go and have a look. Maybe this afternoon I can convince hubby dearest to go to Westbourne Grove, for research purposes only of course :-)