Baby spa by Laura Sevenus: a-ma-zing!

After weeks of alternating feeds, nappy changes, long walks and the odd bout of internet shopping, I decided that I had better find my little baby some activities fast if I was going to avoid both of us getting an intense attack of cabin fever.

I'd heard of Baby Spa through one of my friends from my Christine Hill ante-natal class, so I booked my little boy in for a try-out session to celebrate his 12th week.

Here is what happened: just before our appointment time, we arrived at Baby Spa just off Kensington Church Street, and were greeted by Laura herself. An expert in children swimming, Laura created a little flotation device called the "Bubby" and launched Baby Spa. This is the world's very first space of its kind. She escorted us into the spa room, a white space organised around a neo-natal pool filled with purified water, with soothing music playing in the background.

After changing into a swimming nappy and the tiniest swimming pants, my little baby was fitted with a Bubby around his neck and placed gently in the pool by Laura. He spent the next twenty minutes gently floating around, his little legs kicking in the water whilst his face was that of a supremely happy little boy. He cooed at the floating toys and did a couple of rounds of the pool, not fussed in the least when one of the other babies started crying (there were three other babies in the pool). I was standing on the side completely exhilarated at having found an activity that he enjoyed and that didn't include me acting as a human bouncing chair or a noise machine...

After a while, Laura took the Bubby away and made little baba float around on his back, an activity that he has always loved in his bath but which he seemed to like even more in the pool. Soon, it was time to move back to his resting mat, where he got a massage which made him laugh and coo some more.

We then moved to a relaxation room where I gave him some water, and as soon as I put him back in his pram, he fell asleep and had the best late afternoon nap he has ever had, enabling me to do some uninterrupted shopping along High Street Ken! For the rest of the day he was in a great mood, and went to sleep in the evening like a dream.

Besides from the good mood and the improvement in sleep quality, Baby Spa is also known to help the babies development and diminish physical discomforts such as colic. TinyS and I have decided to make this part of our routine and will be going each week going forward!

Baby Spa
6 Lancer Square
London W8
0 207 937 3747

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