Getting better and better: Elle Macpherson Intimates

When it comes to lingerie, I believe in the following two words: update - regularly... Let's just say you won't find any greying granny undies in my drawers, nor anything that is out of shape. I try to buy at least three new sets every season, and regularly have a "Weakest Link" session where the flailing elastics and weakening lace panels are eliminated without sentimentalism. After all, can you afford to be sentimental with what is a key element of a defined sexy silhouette?

All this regular updating means that I am always scouting for new lingerie, and though there are many houses that I've been a fan of for years, such as La Perla and Bodas, I've only recently started really loving Elle Macpherson Intimates.

Whilst I may have disliked some of their past designs or colour combinations, I've always thought the fit was good and the quality was really good value for money. Recently however I think there has been a real improvement in the design, and to me this season's lines are sitting at exactly the right spot between sexy and classy. I particularly love the Obsidian line, which looks just a little bit more luxurious than the rest. I also loved their breastfeeding bra range, which is clearly a step ahead from everything else there is available out there in terms of making new mamas feel less like a walking milky-bar, more like a sex kitten.

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