I'll have my Birkin in a neutral colour please!

A couple of years ago I decided it was time I put all that money I was "investing" (ahem) in a dizzying number of middle of the range handbags to proper use and start collecting the only handbags that really gain value with time: that's when I glided into the Hermès slippery slope! I had suddenly realised that unfortunately, as pretty as they can be, many handbags lose most of their value from the moment one exits the shop carrier bag in hand... Not to mention brands that are so mass-produced and mass-copied that it's not even worth it believing they have any special quality.

Fast forward a few months, and I am the proud owner of a small number of Hermès handbags, including three little Birkins. At the moment, I'm extremely fond of neutrals when it comes to handbags, and though my first Birkin was a Raisin (deep purple) with gold hardware I let it go to edit my collection to include only colours which are true chameleons. Who knows, I may come back to colour later, once my collection is a little larger.

For now, let me introduce my three birkins, from left to right:
Black Togo 35cm with palladium hardware
Vert Bronze Togo 35cm with palladium hardware
Gris Tourterelle Togo 30cm with palladium hardware

Though these are very precious bags to me for many reasons, despite what one could believe I don't think they are to be left in their boxes at home. These bags are not spoiled! Quite the contrary: if I spent so much money on these little gems it is to take them out as often as possible, and their colours allow me to wear them all year round. The larger ones are perfect work bags, whilst the smaller lighter one is ideal for the week-end and outings with hubby dearest.

Now I hear what some will be thinking: to get these bags one needs to wait and wait and wait some more. That is generally true, though I have found that developing a good relationship with a sales person at the Hermès boutique helps a lot in terms of navigating the difficult process of sourcing a Birkin. This is what my friends at The Purse Forum will tell you for sure!


deuxarmoires said...

Congrats on your black Birkin! I totally agree with you about using the bags. I try to wear mine as often as I can, with care, as it's a pity to leave them in their boxes unused.

makeupandpearls said...

oh gorgeous bags! i'd love to have a raisin birkin one day... well, any birkin, really. ;)

Kat said...

Very nice collection. I love all things green:0) and your Gris T is adorable! I have started thinking about getting a 30, I only have 35s and a JPG. The 30 seems better suited to Summer days, vacation, light clotings etc. Hmmmm what colour? Love yours!

La Professionnelle said...

Hey! Lovely bags. --I'm a TPFer too.

I have been having a tough time finding twillies with some green in them to use on the handles of my 35 vert veronese PHW. -Plz contact me if you have had such luck! :D


LittleS said...

@La Professionelle, Thanks! I have a couple of twillies that I bought for my bronze, they are a orange/green/white ex libris type design, I can't remember the name, but probably they are sold out by now as I bought them last summer