A couple of glam rock additions for this new mamma

Dear friends, first of all an apology for not posting in ages!!! But as you know I've been busy: my baba arrived on December 30th, a healthy little boy who is still, nine weeks on, demanding 100% of his mamma's attention, so it is pretty tough to do anything else. To say that his arrival has changed everything is the understatement of the year... but every fashionista out there who is also a mum will know this so I'm not telling you anything new. Let's just say it's less about me now, and more about him. But then again, wasn't that the whole purpose of me having a baba? Of course!

Anyways just because I'm enjoying motherhood doesn't mean I'm not keeping myself in fashion. Au contraire!! Having had limited access to my favourite addiction in the last nine months, it felt as if I needed a huge fix once I was back to my normal size... Yes, I can hear you smirk at the back, and yet it is true, I was back to my normal size in just two weeks, and now, two months in, I'm actually one size smaller than before my pregnancy, thanks to all the walking around with the buggy and the lifting of the baba in my arms! All with no dieting! At last a nice surprise... (now I said I was smaller, not fitter, as there is a bit of a jelly belly situation which I fear will need some serious Lotte Berk and Pilates workouts to disappear!)

So, what have I been stocking up on since January? A few sales items here and there, and also some yummy mummy essentials.

First, I made peace with The Outnet when I saw they were stocking these iconic Sergio Rossi bandage sandals. I had bought them in khaki from the shop way back but always wanted to add the black ones, as they are so comfortable yet super sexy. The fact that they are down to £252 from £560 was of course an added bonus... They are still in stock by the way.

I also spoiled myself with a new draped leather jacket (it looks better open in my opinion) in gorgeous black from Muubaa, a brand I didn't know but
discovered this year. This is by far the most comfortable leather jacket I own, and it is so warm with its fur lining.
www.spoiledbrat.co.uk stocks it for £750

Hopefully with these splendid additions to my walk-in wardrobe, I won't join the leagues of frumpy mummies... What do you think?


Anonymous said...

So lovely your back missed your posts, like your new additions new mums have earned all the spoiling they can manage! - Ladyhermes

Little S said...

Aww thanks, I saw your note on meeting when you're next over, I'd love to!!! Let me know the date.