Strange hormonal activity? Bring on the new skin regimen!

Reading my previous two posts one would think I've had a blissful post baby two months, however there is a dark side to this happy picture...

My skin, which I had always taken great care of, has suddenly become the victim of some powerfully destructive hormonal combination especially as I've been breastfeeding, and I have days when it is uber congested and others when it is parched beyond imagination. It has been hell finding a skin regime that would work for me now, but I think I finally cracked it.

Basically I'm relying on some old friends, like my Clarisonic brush and the ever reliable Creme de La Mer, but I've also added some new allies...

Morning and night, this is my new routine:
1) Clean skin thoroughly with the Clarisonic and the Uriage CU-ZN gel which I've had to source in a French pharmacy: the brush cleans away all of the impurities and pepares my skin for the creams and serums, and it's ideal when my skin feels a little congested
2) If there are any pimples threatening to come out I zap out the No No Skin device and treat then in 10 seconds
3) Tone with the Lancome Eau Micellaire, a water which is extremely soft on my skin and doesn't leave my face tight
4) Apply Creme de La Mer for extra softness and to speed up recovery
5) Apply Clinique Skin Tone Corrector to erase any marks left by pregnancy
6) Pamper the eye area (god knows I need it with all the sleepless nights!!) with Chantecaille's Stress Repair Concentrate

The good news is that this routine is quite easy to follow in the few minutes I have left for myself, so I've been following this for a couple of weeks and already my skin feels a little more like its old self...

Find Chantecaille and Clarisonic products at Space NK
Creme de La Mer, Clinique and Lancome can all be purchased on the Ground Floor at Harrods
No No Skin devices can be ordered from Cult Beauty


Black is the New Black said...

great post, I love my clarisonic - the lancome cleansing water and la mer are great too! xo

Anonymous said...

Great post! I would like to know if using the Clarisonic gave you any problems with your skin! Have seen some reviews that worries me!! Thank you and many congrats for your first baby boy!

Little S said...

Hi - I've been using the Clarisonic since Fall 2009, and I haven't had any reason to complain. My skin is clearer and absorbs products easily with it. I love it!

Kat said...

Hi- I´ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I have only managed to read a bit so still plenty left! I hope all is well with you and you loved ones. That Clarisonic sounds tempting! Thanks for great tips. I will explore Chelsea in depth next time I visit London since your tips on eating places sounded yummy! ps. I also adore Austique, although I´ve only ordered online (It was way back when they were still very new). I used to email one of the owners, lovely gal which I cannot remember the name of. I still remember you had a gorgy red? thin bracelet you bought there.

Hugs Kat:0)

14 March 2011 17:03