Easter at Barnsley House

For our first getaway as a family, hubby dearest, Monsieur Baby and I went to the Cotswolds and stayed in the luxurious Barnsley House. We picked it as it looked like it would provide the ideal combination of baby friendly features, luxury, and ideal country location. And I have to say, from the moment we arrived to check-out, we were not disappointed.

We booked a Junior Suite which was perfect as we could put Monsieur Baby in his cot in the bedroom for his night and still enjoy our evening with room service and movies in the lounge without leaving our suite (I know some of you will wonder why we just didn't take the baby monitor along to the restaurant but to be honest I don't think I'm ready for this yet, or indeed that I'll ever be, one hears such horror stories that I'm happy to trade a dinner in a restaurant for peace of mind). The lounge had full drinks facilities including a Nespresso machine, a DVD player and a Sky box, which meant I could watch my new addiction: The Kennedys (it's incredible the number of TV shows I'm following now that I'm house bound!)

The only downside in our room was the stifling heat. Granted, this week-end was particularly warm for UK spring weather however we had to ask for four fans to be spread in our suite to ensure the little baba didn't get sick. The hotel staff were only too happy to help and were eager to ensure we were all comfortable.

The restaurant serves delicious food, which we had both downstairs and upstairs in our suite. The breakfast was a mix of cooked food such as eggs Benedict and porridge and a fresh buffet with pastries, cold cuts, fruit salads.... Dinner was equally scrumptious, and I loved the

Dorset crab salad whilst the parma ham, porcini and truffles pasta dish, a Barnsley House speciality called Vincisgrassi, was a big hit with hubby dearest. We had afternoon tea on Saturday, and though we had to sit next to a table of local ladies who lunch with their very vocal queen bee in attendance (she spent the whole time badmouthing people they all knew, nice...), it was really lovely. Service was overall good, with a couple of exceptions, and Michele, the Italian hotel manager was particularly friendly and helpful.

But the big attraction of Barnsley House has to be the gorgeous gardens, which are beautifully landscaped, filled with amazing flower beds, beautiful sculptures and water features. We enjoyed relaxing walks with our little baby and played on the grass in the shade of the trees. The gorgeous weather allowed us to eat in the terrace and enjoy the views.

I think Monsieur Baby was also quite pleased with his week-end, as he enjoyed baths in the large tub, walks in the country villages and the odd visit to the local bird centre. Admittedly, we had taken an enormous number of baby things, from the buggy to the bouncer including a sling and a playmat, ensuring he had as close an experience as when he is home.

We booked through Mr and Mrs Smith but it is also possible to book directly with the hotel. The junior suites cost from £295, ours was Room 4 and cost £345, including breakfast and the cotbed.


deuxarmoires said...

Looks lovely, especially that garden!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review!! Seems really good!!