Lace dresses are all the rage this summer

You may have seen the announcement of Net-a-Porter's exclusive collection of brightly coloured lace dresses by Issa, here is the teaser picture to refresh your memory. When I first saw these dresses I fell completely and hopelessly in love, especially with the emerald and white dresses.

I have to give it to NaP, they know how to spin one's lust for special items: the picture came out almost a month ago and still no information has been offered as to when the dresses would be available or at what price. I was expecting the price to be just slightly over the usual range for Issa dresses, around £500, and what was my surprise when I found the emerald dress listed at a cool £1,000 on UK Vogue's May edition. £1,000! That's somewhat extravagant for a dress that falls more in the "this season" category than the "classics" one: I honestly don't think that strong colours and lace will be very lasting trends...

I have been known to spend this type of money on clothing however it has usually been on a Monique Lhuillier evening gown or similar, not a summer party dress that I won't be able to re-wear for years to come. Who knows, the lust may be so strong that I could end up caving in, though I doubt it... For now I have found a few good alternatives to the beautiful Issa collection,
here are some options.

Asos is usually a good place to find very affordable on trend pieces, and they have this teal skater dress which would work beautifully teamed up with gold shoes. It has an open back as well! At £45 you can easily buy it in more than one colour.

I also like this navy sleeveless shift from Mango, which also comes in pink. It is on sale at £34.90 so there will be no regrets if it is only worn once (you'd have to wear the Issa dress 29 times to achieve the same cost per wear!)

If you'd rather stick to the LBD here is a gorgeous lace version, from Dorothy Perkins, at £27. It still has a little edge with the skater skirt and the lace doesn't look as cheap as it does in other high street versions

PS: There are plenty of bright pink, coral and red lace dresses in the high street however I find that when one goes for lower price points in such things as lace quality is often compromised, and sticking to dark hues as the fabric details are less visible is often best.

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